CoCaBee, the Antibacterial Lip Balm inspired and created all by the power of nature.

Today I want to introduce you to Coca Bee, the Antibacterial Lip Balm inspired and created all by the power of nature. I’ve been using it for quite a while now and I really love it.

Check it out! Read the story and find info and how to buy it on their website.

Nature inspires us by sound, smell and beauty, at CoCaBee we create products by following nature. 
We want the best for our customers, our goal is to provide a product that will fulfill their needs, a product that will keep them safe, healthy and happy. 

CoCaBee products are consistently growing and we are aware of the everchanging environment and the world we are all living in right now due to the COVID-19. By keeping to our due diligence and policing on certificates and research on ingredients and packaging that CoCaBee provides to customers, our mission is to make sure all ingredients are natural, chemical free, and cruelty-free. CoCaBee has taken the next step to ensure our products are antibacterial by testing and using all natural safe antibacterial essential oils added to our body care products. Competitive markets and products are growing and are learning that our products need to be safe and trustworthy. “Humanity is changing and so it’s important to grow, learn, protect and make a product that people will feel safe buying”. says Amanda Lavery, Ceo CoCaBee.

CoCaBee’s future product’s will continue to mold and change to keep at our motto as being natural, safe and eco-friendly. Incorporating innovation, agriculture, biology, and modern technology with an organic, future-friendly philosophy, CoCaBee is a Canadian innovator of organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable products.

Frustrated that she couldn’t find an all-natural, cruelty-free, organic lip balm that actually worked, Amanda Lavery, Entrepreneur, Owner & CEO, created her own. Her company, CoCaBee, has taken the cosmetic world by storm.
Amanda Lavery is a self- admitted lip balm junkie. She loves almost everything about it the feeling, the texture, the moisturizing qualities, and of course the myriad of yummy flavors available. What she didn’t love were the ingredients in the lip balms she was buying.
“I started reading more labels, checking the ingredients and researching the methods of how products we consume are created,” says Lavery. “ To put it mildly, it’s a little scary to find out what we are really taking in.” As a result of her research, she changed many of her buying habits, but couldn’t find a truly organic option for lip balm. So she did what any industrious, tenacious, and determined individual would do, she started to make her own.
Through lots of trial and testing, Lavery developed a lip balm recipe that was 100% organic made from raw, natural ingredients, like coconut oil. Not only did she feel better about what she was putting on her lips, the product she developed actually worked better than the non-organic lip balms she used to use. Hers were smoother, more flavorful, and lasted longer than anything she had previously tried.

Friends and family soon noticed and requested their very own batch of Lavery’s lip balms. It turns out there are a lot of lip balm lovers out there! “From there, the idea of getting this wonderful, safe, 100% organic creation out to more than just my friends and loved ones was a natural progression,” explains Lavery. And that was when CoCaBee was born.

“We wanted CoCaBee to be paraben-free and 100% natural, no harsh chemicals, and preservatives. To do this, we created a luxurious lip balm using the natural basics of coconut oil, honey, and beeswax to create a smooth lasting lip balm. Sourcing our ingredients through accredited and certified suppliers is key making sure it is safe and tested. Our containers we choose are made from natural and renewable bamboo. Any ingredients we choose from our suppliers are checked to make sure no animal ingredients and organic ingredients. Any packaging we choose is either natural bamboo or glass. Eco-friendly packaging is key and we want to eliminate as much plastic as we can to help our earth.

CoCaBee Ultra-Hydrating lip balm comes in delicious natural flavors like peppermint, lime, coconut, and eucalyptus.

Every CoCaBee product is handmade in Canada using natural ingredients, making them the perfect eco-friendly addition to your beauty routine.

To purchase CoCaBee products, visit
Instagram @cocabee_inc

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