Haute Couture July 2016 Fendi Fashion show in Rome

Last July, Fendi marked Karl Lagerfeld’s 50th year at the Italian house with an incredible show in Rome, Italy. The Trevi Fountain of “La Dolce Vita” was a magical frame for this beautiful night. The fountains turned on, and the models started their march over a see-through runway built on top of its pools. Will be one of the most majestic show venues ever. 

Lagerfeld found his starting point in a 1914 book of fairy tales, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, illustrated by the Danish artist Kay Nielsen. Several of his illustrations directly inspired individual pieces. 46 looks: the 5,000 hand-cut holes that turned the rose-color Persian lamb of a long dress into lace. The lynx jacket dyed a delicate shade of pink all the same. The miniscule squares of mink that took 1,200 work hours to stitch together mosaic-style into a magical forest scene. Crocheted dresses on a base of tulle were embroidered with swatches of long-hair mink and fringed leather, while lace dresses were appliquéd with flowers hand-cut from sheared mink.  

The fashion world will always remember this night.

Pamela Quinzi 

#Fendi #Fendi90years #Hautecouture 

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