…Runway model for one day!

Who said that a fashion designer cannot be model sometimes?

That’s why i said …YES! LET’S DO IT!

So, i was Celebrity model for the Fashion designer Olastyle

for the runway on the event ‘ Triple Dare Stunning High Fashion Gala

organized by NYC Fashion Runway and Davina Reichman Schuck

at Copacabana, Time Square last friday night.

Nice event, good people a lots of photographers.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I’ve been also part of PVaz performance, posing for him with my shoes during his song.

I had a great time,

enjoy the pictures!




with Deb blogger fo http://whatnowdeb.com/

with Aurora Aquino

NYCFashionRunway Team:  Davina Reichman Schuck, Olga Maria Czarkowski,

Shannon McNamee, Fiorella Solórzano and Alex Borgi.

Me and Maggie Delany

Dancing with Aladino TV

Getting ready for the Fashion Show…

Backstage in Olastyle Outfit

On the runway…

with Ola the Designer

and now…going back on stage for be the Cinderella for PVaz!

Check Ola Designs on http://www.olastyle.net

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