Manale’ International 


Manalé International is about sophisticated accessories, women empowerment, deep insight in ancestral traditions, globalization and effective help to our future: children.

A hybrid of vision and execution, a creative cross-pollination of craft and culture, a true link between East Africa and the Western world.

Ethiopian-born designer Manale Dagnew has spent most of her career in fashion in New York and Paris designing and sourcing couture-quality wedding gowns and evening wear with great success. But, after many years living in the West, Manale returned to East Africa, traveling throughout Ethiopia and rediscovering the beauty of her cultural heritage. During that journey she was inspired to bring her two worlds together. She envisioned combining the timeless beauty of native art and decoration with sophisticated textiles to create an affordable African luxury brand.


Manale adapted the design motifs and colors from Ethiopia’s North and South to create an exclusive collection of scarves, wraps, neckties and pocket squares. These unique creations have been transposed onto luxurious fabrics that are woven and printed in Italy. The collection is inspired by the practice of the North’s traditional weaving and the South’s intricate body painting.
Jewelry is yet another opportunity to bring the bounty of Ethiopia to a broader audience. Ethiopia is rich in semi-precious gemstones, particularly Chrysoprase and Amethyst. These raw stones are cut and polished there before being sent to Italy to be set in sterling silver by Italian craftsmen.

Please visit to find out more about this initiative.
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Pamela Quinzi

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