Cinderella of New York in Italian Perziano Jewlery

I had the pleasure to meet the creator, designer, artisan Roberto Perziano during his trip in New York City in December 2017, Roberto came to show his jewlery collection during the Gala of Excellences organized by Livein Magazine.


As Fashion Editor NY of the magazine i was very excited to talk to him because i was always looking his creation in photos and finally i had the chance to touch and admire his glasses pieces of art. Magic jewlery hand made.


Roberto Perziano is a jewlery creator and designer from Italy, his jewlery are pure art hand-made out of glass following the traditions of these centuries-old techniques from Murano, Venice. An artisan, an artist, a dreamer…Many of his creations were inspired by his travels and love for Africa, poetry, passion, love, ispiration. This land gave Roberto Perziano inspiration and nostalgia which he imprisoned in that tangible moment in which fire becomes matter.


PH Rj Ensalada


I was invited to the Royal Ball of the House of Savoia at the Metropolitan club in New York and a beautiful necklace from Perziano collection gave my outfit the perfect touch of class and elegance.


Pamela Quinzi & Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia

“I have the passion for the alchemy of glass in my blood. I inherited it from my family”

Says Roberto Perziano.

It was my father Ugo Perziano and his three brothers who decided to take up the glass-making trade, opening their first furnace in Sacca Serenella and, charmed by the magic of Murano glass, they chose to live and work in the lagoon where my grandfather had settled at the beginning of the twentieth century.
My family was welcomed into the exclusive Murano glass-making community which appreciated the passion of the Perzianos for the transparencies and watery reflections of glass.

My father Ugo passed the love of this elusive and delicate material on to me
The ancient glass-making masters support my research and work today.”

Roberto Perziano

calcedonio macro piccola

For more info and how to purchase check the website and contact the designer: 

Pamela Quinzi



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