Grazzano Visconti, Medieval village in Italy. Legends and fairytales, Kilame inspiration. Aloisa, the ghost of lovers.

I have a passion for visiting old Medieval villages around Italy and Europe, years ago I lived for few years in the town of Piacenza, in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, and during the weekends i was traveling around the countryside discovering new places. There is a place that really enchanted me and inspired me with stories of fairies and legends, which is called Grazzano Visconti.


Grazzano Visconti is a small village in a green valley, just 20 minutes from Piacenza, northern Italy. Famous for Medieval costumes, flag throwers, jugglers, knights, and ladies. Grazzano Visconti is more than a mere illusion. The village was created in Renaissance Neo-Gothic style in the early years of the twentieth century at the initiative of Count Giuseppe Visconti di Modrone, father of the director Luchino Visconti.

The Milanese nobleman restored the fourteenth-century castle of Grazzano and undertook the perfect reconstruction of a true medieval village around it, closed to traffic: the shops of artisans, the residences of noblemen, the narrow streets with many picturesque views, inns and stables for horses.


Grazzano Visconti Village


When i was visiting Grazzano Visconti i loved to shop in the cute little stores around the village that sells jewelry with real stones, amethyst is my favorite, typical souvenirs for the house, paints and another one of my passions, i was collecting statues of fairies and elves. I had a huge collection of about 100 pieces, and every time i was adding a new piece to my list. Fairytales and Princesses stories, in the future, all of these memories in my own world, in my mind inspired my Kilame Collection. Let’s go back in the days, i lived there between the years 2003/2005 when the famous movies of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ came out and the atmosphere around the Grazzano Visconti Village was just perfect to make you fly with your imagination, of course, i couldn’t miss the chance to buy the famous Arwen’s pendant and necklace, a must for me, fan of the movie and all this kind of stories.


Arwen’s pendant and necklace, The Lord of the Rings.



Kilame shoes inspired by Fairytales and legends.

Walk through the gates of Grazzano Visconti if you really want to dive into a distant, evocative, dreamlike past. It is a beautiful experience. The village awaits you at the entrance to Val Nure, between the cultivated fields and vineyards of Colli Piacentini. Parco del Castello is also worth a trip, with an English and Italian garden and many diverse plant species. The surroundings feature Rivalta Castle, the Perino Waterfall, the small villages of Vigolzone, Ponte dell’Olio, and Bèttola.

There is also the legend of a ghost. Aloisa, the ghost of lovers. It was in a moment of trance when Count Giuseppe Visconti listened and saw her one night. Short, plump, with a little prosperous womb and folded arms (this is also recognized in the statues around the village), Aloisa presented herself to the Count with her sad story of a woman betrayed by her husband, a captain of the local militia, and died out of jealousy. A broken heart with a great spirit…a spirit still alive that wanders between the rooms of the castle and among the plants of the vast garden, annoyed by the jokes of an ephemeral love.


Statue of Aloisa


In addition to local folklore, there are several testimonies that confirm the existence of Aloisa’s ghost. First, several couples were “disturbed” in their sleep during their stay in the castle, with slaps and other jokes. Then a journalist from a local newspaper, who after recording several interviews noticed that only the flattering ones towards the ghost remained on the tape. Then a reporter from a television station, who managed to photograph Aloisa’s statue only after giving her a gift of a conversation.

It seems, in fact, that in order to grace the spirit of Aloisa, and not to incur in her spite, it is necessary to give her a necklace, some jewels, or bring her respect or consolation…to her who had no luck in love.

Aloisa has over time become the protector of pure love in the village of Grazzano Visconti, a sort of Valentine’s Day skirt, able to bring love to those who ask her for help and to watch over true, indissoluble feelings…those of true lovers.

Of course, there are the gossips that speak of “publicity stunt” but walking in the village, listening to the locals about it, and noting the necklaces on the statues dedicated to her, one pervades oneself with her presence, benevolent and at times irritated. Definitely, a spirit that bodes well…surely a place to visit remains fascinated.

During his spiritual encounter with Duke Giuseppe, Aloisa said: “I am Aloisa and I bring Love and perfume to the beautiful women who give their smile to Grazzano Visconti”.

Very interesting story.


Visiting Grazzano Visconti in 2004

I remember those days walking around visiting Grazzano Visconti with joy, one day i will come back and visit again the village, for now, beautiful memories are in my heart.

Pamela Quinzi,

The Cinderella of New York.

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