Pamela Quinzi presenting the New Kilame Collection STOLEN SPRING 2020. ‘Expressing my creativity during lockdown’.

Few weeks before the pandemic started here in Spain I was doing research and buy materials for my new collection, I wanted to create some styles inspired by my traveling in this beautiful country, the sea and the Ibiza island (at this time I was supposed to be there already). Only few weeks after I was here, getting ready to create and with my mind set to travel soon and be able to even do more material research for my Collection…the pandemic started and so the lockdown.

I spent days waiting, worrying about all this situation, in touch with my family in Italy making sure everyone was ok and I found myself wondering about my future, my plans, my job, my life. Everything changed so fast. Trying to be strong, remembering myself beautiful things I did in the past I started to do another type of research, this time, a spiritual research deep down on me, in my soul and in my heart. I was asking myself: ‘Why do i love to be a Fashion Designer? what Fashion means for me?’ I don’t consider myself ‘just’a Fashion Designer, cuz I’m not, and you all know that. I’m an artist, an entrepreneur, a writer, an author, a model, an influencer…I am everything I want to be.

That’s ‘ME’. Fashion is my number one passion, I love to create fashion pieces, I express my Art through Fashion. I felt sad for days, trapped, scared, but most that anything I felt ‘robbed’. Robbed of my freedom, my life, my opportunities. I went on the roof that we have in this building where I’m staying here in Spain one day, to breath fresh air and take some sun, from the roof I can see the seashore, in that moment I understood.

I went back downstairs, grabbed the flowers, the fabric and everything I bought for my Collection, I was ready. I was going to re-create with my Fashion Line everything that was stolen from me. Every new shoe, clutch, dress was going to tell a story, express an emotion. Flowers to represent a season that we didn’t live, seashells for the beaches that we couldn’t touch, colors for the dreams that we have and we will never stop to believe in.

‘STOLEN SPRING 2020’ is my New Kilame Collection.

Follow @kilame on Instagram for more posts, info about the new collection. DM for inquiries.

Thank you,

Pamela Quinzi

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