The Cinderella of New York. THE CITY OF DREAMS. THE FIRST FASHION SHOW. 10 Years.

It was April 2nd, 2010, when Pamela Quinzi presented her first Fashion Show at the Greenhouse Club in New York City. A night of emotions and dreams come true for the young Cinderella of New York starting her fashion adventure in the Big Apple.


We invited friends, stylists, press and to our pleasant surprise a lot of people came out to support us. The place was packed, the lights were on and the DJ was ready to play our favorite song, I Gotta a Feeling by Black Eyed Peas. “Tonight’s gonna be a good night,” a great night, an unforgettable night! I was there, by myself, only myself and my creations fighting in a new world. It was hard to explain what I was feeling inside. I wished my family was there that night to watch me during this magical moment, but even though they weren’t, they were there with me in my heart. I found my new world so far from home, from everybody, from everything I knew; it was my moment and I was ready for the first big step of my journey. Was I scared? I was terrified, but I didn’t care. High heels on, a big smile on my face, my heart beating fast, I was up on that runway proud of myself. I was living my life, living my dream, I was alive and I was in love! The first flash of the cameras, photographers around us capturing the moments, people calling my name, I didn’t know yet but that was the beginning of a new chapter in my life called:


The Cinderella of New York.


From the Book, The Cinderella of New York.

Author Pamela Quinzi.

Available on sale on

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