Cinderella’s Night in Milan at Fiori Oscuri Concept Store

October 9th 2014 for the first time we celebrated Cinderella’s Night event in Milan, Italy  showing Kilame Collection at the new Concept Store Fiori Oscuri Food and Fashion in Via Fiori Oscuri, 3 Brera Milan. A lots of guests, friends for an amazing night together. Thank you to Maria Lorenzone, owner of Fiori Oscuri, Marco Ferrari manager and the special appear of the Gleamgirls Terry Schiavo and Selvaggia Uzzo for the video interview for their program on youtube channel and

Glamour and beautiful…

Here the video interview

10615581_10204278865225397_8997128776540064603_n2014-10-09 18.29.34 2014-10-09 18.32.47 2014-10-09 18.44.00

with Owner of Fiori Oscuri Maria Lorenzone2014-10-09 19.25.32

With Selvaggia Uzzo and Terry Schiavo2014-10-09 19.27.01 2014-10-09 19.29.302014-10-09 19.35.22 2014-10-09 19.37.12 2014-10-09 19.38.17 2014-10-09 19.42.04 2014-10-09 19.43.55 2014-10-09 19.45.40 2014-10-09 19.49.25

10151420_10204274254230125_7580504240010768264_n 2014-10-09 20.24.20 2014-10-09 20.36.32 2014-10-09 20.39.47 2014-10-09 20.41.332014-10-09 22.10.29 2014-10-10 08.08.37 1901323_10204277074380627_7569915575611733696_n 1911878_10204276872695585_7786300784038808925_n 10698567_10204277100261274_4035348102463639224_n intervistaFollow your dreams…

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