Kilame shoes Milan Fashion Show

On September 18th Kilame Shoes Collection was part of a beautiful Fashion Show

during Milan Fashion Week at Palazzo Cusani in Milano for a Gala night with Eleonora Scaramucci dresses collection and Fiori Oscuri Concept Store collaboration.

A great Italian dinner was served during the show for all the special guests attending the event.

The magic of Italy…

2014-09-18-16.30.50 2014-09-18-16.47.10 2014-09-18-16.47.24 2014-09-18-16.54.35 2014-09-18-17.32.50 2014-09-18-19.33.35 2014-09-18-19.49.58 2014-09-18-19.53.50 2014-09-18-19.55.00 2014-09-18-19.59.38 2014-09-18-20.06.41 2014-09-18-20.07.48 2014-09-18-20.10.49 2014-09-18-20.14.40 2014-09-18-20.20.38 2014-09-18-20.20.42 2014-09-18-20.23.52 2014-09-18-20.30.29 2014-09-18-20.33.18 2014-09-18-20.42.56 2014-09-18-21.09.48 2014-09-18-21.34.08 2014-09-18-21.43.55 2014-09-19-00.59.45



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