Grand opening of “Fiori Oscuri Concept Store” with Kilame Collection in Milan

The Cinderella of New York arrives in Milan with the opening of a boutique dedicated to the brand Kilame in the New Concept Store Fiori Oscuri Food & Fashionin Brera, Via Fiori Oscuri, 3. Celebrating Milan Fashion Week  with a fashion show at Palazzo Cusani showing the Kilame shoes One of a Kind along with gowns from Eleonora Scaramucci, Pamela Quinzi the Italian designer who for five years living and working in the Big Apple meets last year  Maria Lorenzone. Between the two arises a strong union and they decided to collaborate and work together on this fantastic project. Maria, who, after having held important positions within the company management of European funds on rural development plan in Verbania, decided to capitalize on its experience with the opening of the Fiori Oscuri Food & Fashion Concept Store, a meeting characterized by its complete heterogeneity compared to a traditional store. Customers can experience the exploration of three hundred and sixty degrees through a variety of emotions involving the five senses. In the space there are a variety of different products from food to fashion – and you can experiment with different culinary experiences, characterized by dishes associated with the cuisine of Piemonte and in particular ossolana. Hence the philosophy of the customer in a conditioned atmosphere not only want to buy products for sale, but rather by a number of elements linked by a common thread unique and innovative. Every piece of furniture, the music and the design of the environments were chosen to convey to the client an accurate lifestyle straddling style to the contemporary avant-garde and chic in its purest form. The Collection Kilame is in Fiori Oscuri 3, Milan for sale: clothes and shoes with custom artwork embroidered with beads, Swarovski crystals, feathers and lace, accessories, necklaces inlaid with semi-precious stones and crystals. Decorations for a unique look sexy and sophisticated. Gown Cinderella” bodice is embellished with embroidery and sequins and tutu’in layers of tulle, lace dresses with transparencies and thirst. The special shoes covered with 2,000 Swarovski crystals attached by hand by craftsmen in colors from black to light up with flesh pink, salmon, purple and gold. The collection shown and for sale with prices ranging from 400-500 euro for the decollete and sandals 800 The Couture ankle boots with feathers and beads baroque. The clothes from 300-400 euro and 700 euro with special pieces.
For a woman who is not afraid to be unique, self-confident and loves to feel special.
Pamela Quinzi arrives in Italy with a New York energy, high heels like Sex and the City inspired Manhattanthat makes you dream in search of Prince Charming.

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Photo by Riccardo DubitantePSX_20140922_225515Kilame dresses

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Kilame shoes2014-09-23-13.01.13 PSX_20140919_153350 rose-ok


The Restaurant2014-09-22-17.13.592014-09-17-17.30.56

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