Pamela Quinzi and Kilame Show for ALMA Canada, Montreal event

Excited, happy and honored to be invited to show my Kilame Collection with an exclusive Fashion Show in Montreal, Canada for the association Alma Canada that represent the Italian community from the Marche Region of Italy.

I am proud of my origins of my granparents from the town of Folignano, Ascoli Piceno in the Marche Region, Italy and feeling so close to the coulture of this area. The event took place at the Embassy Plaza of Lavale, Montreal on October 26th an amazing day with more than 200 people for a beautiful brunch, entertainment with live music by singer Nadia Dolce and the Kilame Fashion Show. Fantastic interview on stage and at the end of the show with Sabrina Marandola and with Marco Luciani Castiglia for Rete Montreal.

Thank you to Alma Canada and the President Anna Perrotti, to the all organization and bursary coordinator Liliana Pelini.

Thanks for the support to my cousin Teresa Bruni.

The Cinderella of New York officially lunched in Canada…

Photo credits by Leandro Don Phederrico, Stefano Cicali, Teresa Bruni, Joe Sorrenti

PSX_20141026_112602Embassy Plaza Laval, Montreal CanadaPSX_20141026_115455 PSX_20141026_122806 PSX_20141026_173823 PSX_20141026_175614 PSX_20141026_180529 PSX_20141026_180739 PSX_20141026_211204 PSX_20141026_213929 PSX_20141027_085305 PSX_20141027_142053Singer Nadia Dolce on stage as Cinderella looking for the magic shoe and the PrincePSX_20141027_142426 PSX_20141027_234708On stage interviewPSX_20141028_000351 PSX_20141028_0841112014-10-26 16.23.55

2014-10-22 20.32.162014-10-26 15.37.15with my cousin Teresa Bruni2014-10-26 15.43.47 2014-10-27 10.34.122014-10-26 16.19.47ok

2014-10-26 15.40.55Kilame models with Liliana Pelini

2014-10-26 11.20.23 2014-10-26 11.21.16 2014-10-26 11.21.32

2014-10-27 09.57.44 2014-10-26 12.16.55 2014-10-27 08.14.21Interview for Rete Montreal with Marco Luciani Castiglia2014-10-27 08.14.26On the newspaper Corriere Italiano in Montreal

PSX_20141022_235931 PSX_20141023_102515

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