La Barceloneta: Beach, sun, fun!

I spent my last day in Barcelona enjoying the beach area of the Barceloneta. Was a beautiful sunny day, i walked on the beach, had lunch and took photos everywhere. I visited and had a drink at the W Hotel with a spectacular view on the sea. Sometimes is  the best to stop thinking and just relax and enjoy moments in life. Thank you Barcelona to make me breath again.

20140619_113722 20140619_114847 20140619_121222 IMG_1400 IMG_1402 IMG_1403 IMG_1389 IMG_1391 IMG_1406 20140619_131207 20140619_142310 20140619_145838


20140619_151234 20140619_152503 20140619_152801 20140619_153008 res_1403185465144 20140619_160310 20140619_160325 20140619_160335 20140619_161726

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