2 flags…1 Love!

My dear friends…tonight i want to tell you the story of my double flag dress!

Last June 2011, before going to Italy to be part of the fashion competition Ponte Milvio in moda 2011, i was in Ny, in my studio…wondering about “What should i wear for my first fashion show in Rome?”

I wanted to wear something important, to show what i feel inside!

Italy, my country…that i love so much and i miss everyday…and America, the country that saved my life 2 years ago, the country that gave me opportunity to express my art and live my dream.

So…here the idea! i decided to make a double flag dress…red, white and green with stars and stripes! and a big red heart!

I think that this is actually a lucky dress for me, because the night of the show i won the competition!

So…in my last photo shooting as month ago i dedicated few shoots to this dress…

The Italian Cinderella of New York City….

Pamela Quinzi


photo by d-mulsionphotography

make up by Neon Fix

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