Pamela Quinzi shoes by Ginevra D’Agostino photography

New York City…A month ago in Chelsea… this girl arrived into my studio with a friend of mine.

I asked ” So, what do you do in Nyc?”…Photographer!

Italian girl, nice, funny, and very talented!

She felt in love with my shoes…she wanted me to make a pair for her and signed at the bottom, as an art piece!

We had a very nice connection, and i knew it that she was an amazing artist, because people with a great soul, a great mind…are great artists!

She was about to leave, she was coming back to Italy…after being in NY for 3 months…but she found the time before leaving  to set up a shooting with my shoes!

Im glad to show you those incredible pictures by Ginevra D’Agostino.

Thank you, Good luck for everything in life!




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