Destination…L.A. Day 1-2

Pamela why are going to L.A.?…to live a dream. Shooting a mini film for my Collection.

Are you ready to know better about my adventure?


October 2oth 2012.

Day 1

I landed at LAX Airport and my friend Lillyana came to pick me up.

First stop: eating a huge cheeseburger.

Second stop: Hollywood!…and then driving and singing in the car to her place in Newport Beach.

Living the L.A. traffic. Lol

Night: First Photoshooting.

Day 2

Meeting Ryan Chua of Astonish Magazine for a photoshooting with my shoes

Lunch at the Universal Studios

Meting the Production team for the video in Venice beach.

Enjoy the beginning of a craziness!!!!

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