​Ivan Bitton Celebrities Style House in Hollywood!The Fashion Show. 

The mission of Ivan Bitton Style House is to position Los Angeles at the forefront of fashion. Ivan started his career in the 1990’s working for the most famous celebrity stylist of all time–the late L’Wren Scott– with whom Ivan had the privilege of styling Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt and Salma Hayek, just to name a very few.  Fifteen years later, Ivan has himself become a famous public figure featured on several TV shows both in the US and abroad. He has accomplished an impressive portfolio within the Hollywood Celebrity circle, and he is known in the Industry for finding amazing fashion from Europe and beyond, and bringing it back to Hollywood. In 2017 Mr. Bitton is featured on two Major National Television shows.
Hollywood, CA. United States, February 22, 2017 I attended the event of Celebrity fashion activist Ivan Bitton. The private showroom styles more celebrities than any organization in Hollywood and also represents a world record 270 high fashion emerging designers, is now setting a new tone in the Los Angeles culture, by celebrating the very core fashion culture of Los Angeles: the “Red Carpet culture.” Paris has haute couture; New York has street style, Los Angeles has red carpets.

The Los Angeles “award season” is becoming one of the most significant fashion events ever and now showcases hundreds of new designers every year on Hollywood celebrities who are the biggest media platforms around. From the MTV awards to the Oscars , the range of fashion aesthetics is huge, but no matter what, it has to be larger than life, always pushing the fashion envelope on the rest of the world.

Ivan Bitton set the tone of a new era in the fashion culture by hosting an incredibly novel type of fashion show under a gigantic glass dome at the very top of a skyscraper in the heart of downtown. Champagne and hors d’oeuvres were abound, many celebrities and some of the most famous celebrity stylists were present. The fashion show was amazing and the styling made by Aaron Gomez incredible on each style.

300 lucky guests were treated to a very unconventional fashion show which included model and TV star Darius Mccrary from the hit show Star on Fox and showcasing pieces from over 70 designers which have been used on red carpet this award season. 

Apparel news describes the event as “reminiscent of the days when fashion shows were about the style of fashion…” A styling feast for the ages and the beginning of a whole new exciting way of showcasing emerging designers all styled together from shoes to bags, jewelry to clothes on the same model. Some of the celebrities included Tamron Hall, Darius Mccrary, model Yazemeenah Rossi and Ivan Bitton. “With one result every 4 hours, we have more fashion placements on celebrities than any PR organization in the world!” Ivan Bitton Style House 


Pamela Quinzi

The Los Angeles view from the venue of the Fashion Show Ivan Bitton Fashion Show 

Red Carpet With model Gabriella Muttone With model Yazemeenah Rossi 

With my friend actress Jessica Ross Ivan Bitton and Actor Darius McCrary on the Red Carpet Aaron Gomez 

Beautiful night, Love you L.A.

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