Pamela Quinzi honored with EPN award at the Trump Soho in New York

November 2015  Trump Soho, New York.

Excited and grateful to receive the award from EPN entrepreneurs and professional network for my hard work and accomplishment in fashion. Thank you so much Maggie Delany and Hubert Charles Delany

Since i moved to New York from Italy 6 years ago it’s been an incredible journey, i’ve been working hard everyday believing in my fashion dreams and visions, my Kilame Collection, all my events, fashion shows and as Pr.

I am thankful for all the opportunities that came along my way, i never gave up even in the bad times and i will keep working hard everyday.

Thank you to all my supporters, friends and family for the love and the friendship.

This award is dedicated to all of you,

Pamela Quinzi



with Maggie Delany and Hubert Charles Delany






Joseph Ralph Fraia




Photos: Tony Falcone and Rafael Marin

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