Photoshoot with Joe Nunez for Vicissitude Magazine

This month i had the pleasure of working with photographer Joe Nunez for the photo shoot of Vicissitude Magazine – May issue.

We spent a great day together with the models wearing Kilame Collection and as a team we did an amazing job.

Joe is a very talented photographer and i would like to introduce him to the Cinderella’s readers. Here what’s Joe says about himself:

“My Name is Joe Nunez I am a Creative Director/Art Photographer that is home based in Union City NJ @ Out Of NY Studio I am Also The Creative Director/Lead Photographer of Vicissitude Magazine .  I started working as Photographer 3 Years ago from working in film with a small production company called Kvibe. I worked as Actor & Shooter as well until i want to switch gear into Directing, Fate had led me into finding an internship with Markus & Indrani as a photo assistant on various Projects from major Commercial work Campaigns “Carol’s Daughter” to Artistic Work Projects “Legend of Lady White Snake” with Daphne Guinness. From there is fell in love with the whole idea of being an Art Photographer and found a whole new understanding of the creative process from idea to reality. It’s a scary processgetting thrown into that industry with no experience but you learn fast in a shorter time than getting formal training.  Now i’ve grown as a CreativeDirector/Photographer with Vicissitude Magazine where i can take people out of their comfort zone on a monthly basis without uniformity & introduce other upcoming photographers and various talented designers Such as Pamela Quinzi, That are not afraid of going against the norm and creating a new world with her fashions.  My Passion is letting the world see through my eyes as long as my imagination is vivid and alive and i will show that in my work every opportunity i have.”

IMG_0853 IMG_0882 IMG_0890 IMG_0892IMG_05171619397_10202908246120776_1587639621571759660_nIMG_0581 IMG_0608

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