A Cinderella around the City…by Paul A.Walker Photography.

New York at night is beautiful, so many lights and feelings around this magic city…

i really feel like a Cinderella everytime i get ready to go out for an event in my heels and a beautiful dress. Few nights ago i was going to a charity event in the garment disctrict and at the end of the celebration me and a friend photographer Paul Walker decided to take some photos outside the streets… I know Paul from a year, he supported my fashion shows with his photography and was a pleasure posing for him. Was fun.

About Paul: Paul shootmenycmodels Walker

Professional Photographer who loves photography with a passion. He is always looking to be creative and stand out above the rest by not only wanting to take a great picture but create a memory that will always be remembered in the future. He also can be found on facebook as well….
Enjoy the photos.
Paul edited picture-155 Paul edited picture-156 Paul edited picture-157 Paul edited picture-158

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