Mires: The Made in Italy Dream. Today in Bertinoro.

I am in Romagna spending my days working for the Mires project. My boyfriend and I are visiting every day a different town, meeting people and taking photos for Mires blog and website. It’s an amazing experience. History, art, fashion, nature, food…and of course my Kilame shoes always with me.

Mires:The Made in Italy Dream. Today we went to visit Bertinoro.

To know more about The Mires vacation check http://www.miresforyou.com

IMG_7945 IMG_7974 IMG_7981 IMG_7989 IMG_7992 IMG_7993 IMG_7999 IMG_8008 IMG_8015 IMG_8016 IMG_8027 IMG_8035 IMG_8046 IMG_8047 IMG_8057

IMG_8005 IMG_8033

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