Cinderellaofnewyork featuring Lucas Bowman Make up artist

Few years ago i met Lucas Bowman in New York City during an event. He was working as make up artist doing an amaing job on the models and i had no idea he was very young. He has a natural talent and since that day we collaborated together in many other events and Fashion Shows. Congratulations Lucas, so great!

Lucas: “I’m a boy from north caroling who has a dream of helping woman becoming a celebrity makeup artist and having my own line one day. My biggest goal is to help woman become more prideful and confident in the way they look by just using the natural beauty that everyone has in themselves.”

Instagram @makeupbylucas

Lucas and Pamela Quinzi Collaborations



Masquerade Ball Kilame Fahion Show


Kilame Fashion Show at Skyroom, NYC





Kilame Fashion show at Griffin, NYC





New York Fashion Week 2014 Kilame Fashion Show


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