Kilame and the Photography of Two Flash!

Thank you to Revital and Tyler Simmons for collaborating with me and my Kilame Collection several times in New York for Fashion Shows and Special Projects. This duo is simply amazing!

Two visions – One goal; capturing the vibrant, exciting aspect of life. The photographers duo Revital (Revi) and Tyler Simmons.

Revi was born and raised in Israel. Following her dreams, she relocated to New York in 2009. Her passion for photography started in college – with her first camera. Revi’s favorite subject is portraits. Her primary goal is seeking the pure essence in people’s eyes.

By day, Tyler is a mild mannered methodical planner. In the past two years, his spare time has been consumed with his interest in photography. Tyler is looking for signs of life in his subjects regardless of the emotion depicted, he is looking to see passion, pain, vibrancy and love, and always searching for something different.

Revi and Tyler met on a Manhattan rooftop early in 2011 and had an immediate connection. They got marries exactly two years later. Together – they are Two-Flash.

Two Flash strives to produce high quality artistic views with an added benefit of two different points of view. Our collaboration and critical evaluations of each other’s work drives to show our subjects in the most favorable light. Two Flash’ areas of interest span from high fashion, intimate photo shoots, wild life, events and the abstract.

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