Kilame Fashion Extreme Night at TOKYA, Nyc

After Thanksgiving this year i had an amazing luxury event in the new spot in NYC called TOKYA. The Kilame models were wearing dresses and shoes design by Pamela Quinzi showing the designs around a fantastic crowd of guests and V.I.P. The event was also in collaboration with the new project “MIRES-Italy to Love” promoting a new way to experience a vacation in Italy.

Enjoy the photos of our Best Moments.



Pamela Quinzi_DSC8917

with Andrea Balestra
_DSC8923with Revital Simmons and Lorana Chang

_DSC8908with Charles Gregoire De Rothchild and Andrea Balestra


Promotion Mires and introduction to Kilame Fashion Show_DSC4554 _DSC4603 _DSC4689

IMG_7540x IMG_7648xok


IMG_7367x IMG_7373x IMG_7703x1469754_1459117024315394_308518210_nuntitled-35ok untitled-68okPhoto credits: James Morris, David Cheng, Solomon Oke, Norman Ding.

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