Kilame Collection…Make up by Moon!

With great pleasure i want to introduce my collaboration with the sweet and talented Make up artist: Jasmin Moon.

We worked together in few amazing photo shooting and Fashion shows recently and i really loved her work.

From her words you can understand already how fantastic she is:

“I am a self-taught freelance makeup artist from NYC. If someone told me 4 years ago that makeup artistry would be my passion I dont think I would have believed them. I was the biggest tomboy for most of my life and my life was not glamorous at all, I mean I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 28 but life worked in mysterious ways and LIFE taught me that I have alot to offer andI was meant to be somebody. I wanted to learn all I could about the makeup profession so I attended The Lia Schoor Institute and recieved my certification is makeup. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. I believe in my craft and in creation and I believe in helping others. I started as a baseball cap wearing tomboy to a makeup lover who loves to share what I learned with others on my youtube channel. My mission is to help girls and women understand that looking beautiful on the outside is amazing but feeling gorgeous on the inside is where real beauty begins..I want my clients to illuminate a night sky just like the moon does.. and that is where I come in.”

Here some make up by Moon for Kilame Collection.

132 copia

126 copia

003 copia







Thank you Jasmin…


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