Kilame Shoes at Latin Fashion Week NY for Keidy Amaya.

Loved the collaboration with Fashion designer Keidy Amaya for her Fashion show on Latin Fashion Week 2013 in New York. Beautiful colors combinations and the shoes were just perfect.

Kilame design by Pamela Quinzi One-of-a-Kind Shoes.

max zotoPhoto by Max Zoto

1236452_10151598267531787_1237680661_n 1238803_10151601257936787_2120092395_n 1240434_10151598266806787_1254812897_n

553151_10151601258036787_1553917231_n 575238_10151893066633428_1092708911_n 1017485_10151601255496787_1541051318_n 1235172_10151601255316787_325226697_n 1236690_10151893067663428_1937088612_n


62467_640251229353023_1574780666_n 533992_202295739953349_1982301246_n 1231677_10201044726338172_1367735040_n 1235901_202295606620029_912353406_n 1238073_640251156019697_2081846486_n 1238723_640668299311316_1719490751_n 1238745_10201044725738157_1304185264_n 1375780_10201044726218169_932583644_n 1375912_640251812686298_552379977_n


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