Pamela Quinzi Collection. The Film.

Pamela Quinzi Collection.The Film.

A month ago in New York I met the Italian Director Bruno Miotto during a music video shoot and after talking a little bit about me and my collection we decided to creat a project together and shoot a short film/commercial.
Bruno was born and raised in Ivrea, Italy and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He attended the New York Film Academy at the Universal Studios. He wrote and directed several short films and music videos and he was interviewed by Movie Maker Magazine as the next emerging talented Director in 2009. He’s primarily known for his 25 minutes short film “The Day the Music Died”, an outstanding story inspired by the trailblazing music and tragic end of Buddy Holly, a modern-day depiction whose character seeks success in a contemporary, surreal Los Angeles. In 2011 He also collaborated on a visual installation with the contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft for the Biennale of Venice.

I was so excited about this idea of shooting a video with him, for me was something completely new…I took a plane from New York with the best pieces of my collection and I landed in L.A. California on October 20th.
It’s been an amazing and very strong collaboration, a journey in my dreams and in my world together with my creations.
3 days of shooting in different locations of Los Angeles, incredible experience. Magic.

I can’t say too many things right now…but here a behind the scene picture for you…

Follow your dreams…Pamela Quinzi.

Photo by Fabio Dozzini.

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