September 30th 2012 – 3 years in New York, Congrats Pamela!

What can i say?…Yes, 3 years ago i moved in New York City…and Yes, i changed my life!

I think that my life changed 2 times since i moved here,

for the first 7 months i was just a regular girl that was trying to figure it out her new “everything”.

New world, new city, new job, new friends, new apartment…i was going out and having fun trying to move on and understand who i really was and who i really wanted to be one day.

I was going to work everyday for my job as fashion designer for an accessory company, designing handbags…coming back home and going out.

But…something were still missing.

That’s why one day i went inside one of those crazy shops in the garment district and i had a wild hour of shopping for applications and fabrics,

i came back home and i started to decorate few shoes and dresses…was April 2010, and the rest is History.

Love, Pamela

Here some pictures of me before being “The Cinderella of New York”!

just arrived in NY- September 30th 2009

with Devyn

Going out in Limo!

First Halloween!

The first snow!

Yes…the rest is History!


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