Pamela Quinzi for Hanna Rokes – Goddesses: Crowning of the Heart

It’s my pleasure to be part of this amazing project by Hanna Rokes Photography

Goddesses: Crowning of the Heart

For a Cofee Book and Art Gallery Event that is coming soon in New York.

I met Hanna more than a year ago, she is a very talented and sweet girl and i’am glad to be part of it.

We did some shooting and i love her pictures, also Hanna makes beautiful crowns, i was lucky to wear one of them.

Thank you Hanna for having me and also for using some of my creations.

Good luck,Pamela

Hannah Rokes’ photographic portrait series Goddesses: Crowning of the Heart explores and celebrates the interconnection between strength and femininity. Her amazing and diverse subjects who range in age, backgrounds and race include infants, young children, homemakers, celebrities, artists, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Each goddess participating in this project is divine in her own right. Each has a different story but collectively share a common strength.  Ms. Hannah Rokes specially crafted handmade ornamental crowns made from organic materials customized to the uniqueness of each goddess.

It is this beautiful array of attributes that Mrs. Rokes so skillfully captures and illustrates with her ingenious creations and lush color palette. The series of portraits and its message raise awareness of the real feminine in her authentic form and one that is fundamental to nature and it’s strength.

The ultimate goal of this project is to highlight the feminine beauty, knowledge, and “STRENGTH.” Strength that cannot be scarred or broken! It can assume any shape, bypass any obstacles, yet be passionate, and loving: the true feminine quality.

Wearing  Pamela Quinzi dress and accessories…

After the first shooting…

Second Shooting in studio

Michelle wearing Pamela Quinzi Dress and Shoes

Amazing crown made by Hanna

Wearing the tshirt: I am a Goddess

with my picture and card

Love it!

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