When the dream…comes true!

When the dream…comes true!

Last Wednesday August 15th i had my Fashion event “Manhattan Dream…” at XVI Lounge NYC Rooftop


Celebrating 3 years that i moved in New York City and my Collection Kilame design by Pamela Quinzi.


Thank you to my great friend Giuseppe Conte that helped me to organize the event and the support of all the fantastic people that came to the show and to enjoy the night.

Special Thanks to my lovely guest Celebrity International Speaker: Karen Hoyos.

Thank you for the support,beautiful!

Thanks to  Eric Andrew New York Socialite for be part of my event  and Aurora Aquino for the collaboration.

Make up artists: Jenelle Neon Fix
Hair stylist: Kimberly Young
Music by Djs Axton Frick and Bob GravityEnjoy the pictures…
photo by Kushani Manawadu for Hampton Daze Magazine
Photo by Trigypsyphoto
with Aurora Aquino
with Karen Hoyos
Introducing the show…
with EricAndrew and Karen Hoyos
with Giuseppe Conte

9 responses to “When the dream…comes true!

  1. Look at you, this looks awesome and congrats! Came upon your blog and i love it, looks like we both have a similar love for fashion! Im excited to see your events in new york city and just how amazing the city is because I am moving there after I graduate to audition for broadway and etc, but I cannot WAIT to just look great everyday because I LOVE fashion. I will def follow your blog and hope youll follow me back where you can find amazing fashion for amazing prices, outfit of the days, and etc.


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