Cinderellaofnewyork for the event “A private preview of Fashion on Park”

Lovely night Friday March,16th at Bread&Tulips Nyc

for the event  “A private preview of Fashion on Park” .

I was there with a lots of my creations, shoes, accessories…to promote and share my art with all the guests invited.

My amazing friends 3D Beauty Consulting  were there with me part of the event too showing

‘The Huntress Stiletto’ The Huntress Fragrance in a Pamela Quinzi Designed Shoe Case Dressing – A friendly collaboration where High End Fashion Meets Soul Level Beauty.

Karen Hoyos were there to support the collaboration.

Fashion Show  by Nippy Lavern Spring Collection
To Benefit Mt. Vernon Rotary
Hosted by Celebrity Fashion Host Katherine Copperfield and Victoria Wells

Music by concerto DJ Hova T virtuoso
A Dining Engagement Group Production

Enjoy the pictures,

thanks to all the amazing photographers.


Pamela, Karen Hoyos, 3d beauty sisters

Red or yellow? or both???

Pamela and Patricia

The Huntress stiletto with Huntress Fragrance

Pamela and Debra Diana

Karen Hoyos

Pink kisses!

2 responses to “Cinderellaofnewyork for the event “A private preview of Fashion on Park”

  1. Fabulous – this event looks amazing!!! Love the hot pink shoes you are holding up in several of the photos – they are incredible, but I also love the red booties with sparkling purple & red embellishment & pink, purple & red feathers – those are sublime!! Ooooh, and the glittery gold shoes as well – there are just too many pairs to mention!!!

    Also, I love your style for the event – a very beautiful, chic outfit! xoxo

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