The “Cinderella of New York” Fashion Show 2012 NYFW

Pamela Quinzi Fashion Show –  New York Fashion Week 2012

and the launch of  “Cinderella of New York for Huntress”

it’s been a great success!

An amazing stage with our “step and repeat”  and red carpet to welcome all my guests,

so many incredible photographers and flashing lights,

i really felt like a DIVA!

Thank you so much to 3d beauty consulting for the collaboration on our new project

“Cinderella of New York for Huntress”

The new Stiletto designed by Pamela Quinzi as case for the Huntress Fragrance.

 3d Beauty  also made all the make up for my models, beautiful and chic with the help of  the hairstylist Darren Bay and Sasha Bay.

Thank for the help to -Dreams on Heels Pr- by Olga Maria Vargas

Thank you to Dining engagement group and Victoria Wells for all the organization

and the great venue of Room Service, Nyc.

Thank you to  Hampton Daze Magazine that hosted the event


My Lifestyle Magazine  as media partner.

Cognac Wellerlane, Sofia Davis for the interviews.

Thank you for the amazing performance live by singer  Holly T.

Thank you so much to the celebrities

June Ambrose and Shanna Moakler for the participation to the event.

Thank you to my special guests:

Karen Hoyos, Loren Martinez, Shireen Fernandez, Aurora Aquino  wearing Pamela Quinzi Design.

Thank you to all my beautiful models,

amazing Fashion show!

Thanks to all of you that supported me.

This is all for you…

love, Pamela

love my “Step and Repeat”

Me! ahahahah

Pamela Quinzi and Karen Hoyos

Pamela Quinzi and Shanna Moakler

Pamela Quinzi and June Ambrose

Karen Hoyos, 3d Beauty Bebra-Laura-Sofia, Olga Maria, Elizabeth Ortiz My life style Magazine

Pamela Quinzi with Jessica Mackin- Hampton Daze Magazine

Pamela Quinzi ans singer Holly T

Loren Martinez and Aurora Aquino

The Huntress stiletto

The Stiletto and the Huntress Frangrace

My Cindrella of New York!

Pamela Quinzi and Olga Maria wearing PQ dress and shoes

Pamela Quinzi and Mansi Gupta

Pamela Quinzi with Michael and Jessica

Pamela Quinzi and photographer Mari j brooklyn

with my friend Devyn

with my friend David

The beginning of the night with my “Speech” Ahahahah

Holly T singing and dancing wearing PQ design dress and boots

Karen Hoyos introducing the Fashion Show


The girls ready for the show!

My “Pop Bride Dress” with One of a kind bridal shoes PQ


Shireen Fernandez and Lori Gabriella

3d Beauty

Thank you to my boyfriend…

He deserve a Cinderella Kiss!

Ok Cindrella…the clock  strikes midnight…is time to run away…

…See you to the next Fashion Show!


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