02nd February 2012…My Birthday!

Yes…is my birthday!

02nd February 2012…in New York!

Looking forward for the night of my Fashion Show Feb 9th and a big paty celebration…

for the day of my birthday Feb 2nd i wanted to spend time just with my boyfriend, for a lovely, relax night!

He organized everything…for once in my life i just followed the instructions! Lol

7pm Dinner at Blue Water Grill in Union Square…

Surprise Cake with decorations that he made for me…

8pm OMG! my gift…2 tickets for the show TRACES!

Amazing show…acrobatic dance,acting,music…LOVE IT!

Had a great time!

Thank you baby you are the best, i love u…

Thanks Desy my best friend in Rome first one to say Happy Birthday to me!

and thanks to all my friends for the birthday wishes on facebook…

To my Mom that sent me a letter from Rome…

To my friend Devyn that dedicate me a post on her blog…



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