I found myself in WONDERLAND!

Art/Fashion Collection ‘My New York Wonderlad’ by Pamela Quinzi

New York Fashion Week September 2015

Every day in New York I feel like living a great adventure, you never know what is going to happen to you during the day or who you will meet and where you will end up…I found myself in “My New York Wonderland”!
Running around, falling into the rabbit hole, looking for a mad hatter in a very nonsense world!
The vision i had of my ideal “Alice” is surrounded by shoes – art pieces that recreate her world and her adventures. She is having an alone tea time party, playing with her shoes. She is real fashionista in New York, she stole the mad hatter is hat and she can’t wait to meet the Queen of heart, not afraid at all…because she knows that…
”We are all mad here!”
Colors, accessories, hearts, bows, cupcakes, teapots.
Welcome to a unique Kilame Collection magic world.
Pamela Quinzi
Special Artistic Fashion Show Kilame Collection
Saturday September 12th – Empire Hotel 44 West 63rd street NY
Event starts at 7pm Show time 9.30pm
Herbert Fox production & Melapa Fashion Inc. by Pamela Quinzi
Free entry mentioning Pamela Quinzi list
Dress to impress +21 event Must show valid ID
RSVP melapafashion@gmail.com

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