Kilame Holidays party at The Attic rooftop New York City

We had a special Holidays event at The Attic Rooftop & Lounge on Monday December 22nd with  Kilame Special Winter Wonderland Collection Fashion Show and Art exhibition by New York based artist COSBE and JCORP with Art curator Anna Di Falco.  Great time celebrating with guests, friends, supporters!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Photo credits: Danny Chin Omega Photo Studio, Am Media Group, Mouhsine Idrissi Janati


2014-12-23-0019 2014-12-23-0031 2014-12-23-0048 2014-12-23-0063 2014-12-23-0122 2014-12-23-0205 2014-12-23-0283 2014-12-23-0327 2014-12-23-0355IMG_5262 IMG_5363 IMG_5402 IMG_5497 IMG_5548Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014-0576 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014-0581 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014-0594 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014-0603 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014-0630 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014-0667 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014--0695 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014--0726 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014--0733 Pamela Quinzi 12-22-2014--0755


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