Kilame Couture by Light panting photographer Aurora Crowley

I had the fortune to meet an incredible artist in New York City, a One-ok a Kind Photographer Aurora Crowley. I had the honor to collaborate with him in few photo shootings with my Kilame Couture Collection, stunning work!

Light panting photographer Aurora Crowley has been capturing light for more than 14 years. He was doing hair, makeup, and styling on a photo shoot in 1996 when his good friend, and fellow artist, Patrick Rochon introduced him to light painting photography. Aurora was immediately inspired, as soon as he got home that night he began to create his imagery. Aurora focuses his photography work on the world of high fashion, he shoots exquisite light paintings of some of the world’s most beautiful people. You might look at his images and think he doesnt have bad days, but you would be wrong. On Aurora’s first ever light painting shoot for a big designer his camera locked up, Aurora says this about the incident “I was shooting film with a medium format camera and the shutter locked up, which then I started to rip the shutter out in front of the client with a pair of needle nose pliers”. Energy is Aurora’s main source of inspiration he says this of a trip to Australia in 1997, “I have experienced Nirvana during a meditation retreat in Australia in 1997 which was life altering to say the least but what I felt, I could sing about for the rest of my life, if only I could sing”. View some of Aurora’s stunning images below and check out his website for more information.

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