Kilame Collection featuring photographer Norman Ding!

Last Saturday i spent the afternoon with the photographer Norman Ding shooting Kilame Collection in my studio and on the riverside Chelsea Pier. We had a great time and Norman photography is amazing.

I met Norman some times ago in New York during events, he always took great photos of me and my models, you can see his passion trough is work.

This is what Norman say about himself:” I’m a fashion photographer based in NYC. With a background in scientific imaging, I’m very strict in the image quality that I provide. I love to work with professionals in the fashion industry, people with talent and passion and have similar standards in qualities of their work as I do. As long as robustly involved in commercial projects with designers, brands and models, I also keep on creating images that convey more concepts, stories and humanity. In that sense, I love “on location” photography, in which there are just so many interactions to find and incorporate and that’s how magic happens.”

Thanks Norman for the collaboration.


_DSC3506 _DSC3623ok _DSC3646 _DSC3908 _DSC3950 _DSC3960 _DSC4053 _DSC4081 _DSC4137 _DSC4199 _DSC4213 946173_10201365926255165_1986224682_n

Photo credit David Cheng

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