Susan Korwin Special model for Kilame Collection!

Few days ago i had the honor to have as special model for my Kilame Collection the amazing Susan Korwin.

We spent the day together shooting photos inside and outside the studio in Chelsea and on the streets of NYC.

The Kilame Collection looked stunning on her.

Susan Korwin is a Certified Life Coach who was trained through the Life Coach Institute. She is the author of the book “Simple Strides Toward Positive Change”: Lessons from Life Coaching”.The lessons from life coaching in this book are a helping hand for anyone who feels stuck, frustrated, or is just in need of some uplifting words. Simple Strides Toward Positive Change shows readers that bad habits can be broken and negative thoughts can be reversed. Your life can improve—if you desire it to. Susan is also a contributing writer for Women’s Living Magazine, Jersey Shore Woman, Total Prestige Magazine, Vicissitude Magazine and Latino Show Magazine. She has also appeared on numerous radio shows and recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning Connecticut. She has also done fashion modeling. While attending Hunter College majoring in Psychology, Susan worked in the fashion and media industry, including companies such as Revlon, Bloomingdales and Media Networks, Inc.

Enjoy the photos.

1 copia

5 copia

9 copia

10 copia

15 copia

16 copia

23 copia

27 copia

28 copia

29 copia

30 copia

31 copia

32 copia

36 copia

37 copia

With Susan after the shooting!


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