Watch out! The girls are ready to rock!!!

Very nice photos from the Fashion show i had at the exclusive club 1OAK

just few days ago after my return in New York. Was a great night and a lovely “Welcome back party” in the City.

My models, my guests…nice to see everybody there.

I missed the craziness;)))



533761_637051226327031_439191551_n 598519_637051046327049_923069884_n 644021_637050596327094_1084493227_n 1185790_637050469660440_1628530473_n 1186289_637051562993664_694810339_n 1186729_637050736327080_788225451_n 1229965_637050649660422_1055341276_n

9894_193931880789735_551660049_n 72807_193933427456247_1497630266_n 998105_193932937456296_1817347335_n 998498_192932110889712_1157788106_n 1001120_193931787456411_1295251874_n 1238052_192932114223045_1915520033_n 1238933_193933160789607_553803509_n

999774_10151676625614001_1293772715_n 1175092_10151676625189001_865998888_n 1185426_10151676623254001_1588277541_n 1229894_10151676623464001_819221659_n 1234633_10151676625704001_2016419359_n




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