Kilame-NYFW September 2013

Last night September 13th i had my Fashion Show for NYFW at the Empire Hotel Rooftop.The event was produced by Eric Vega.I showed my Kilame Collection-One of a kind. New Shoes, dresses and a special “Kilame Wedding” dress at the end. Inspired by the Made in Italy, the hand made embroideries a return to the pure Couture after my summer trip in Italy.Thanks to all the photographers, press, guests that made the night unforgettable.



1235200_10202253690688721_1928574517_n 9892_10202253705729097_1897333048_n 563514_10202253692768773_1110002285_n 1000973_10202253706569118_1213687677_n 1002223_10202253687768648_267241930_n 1012513_10202253699408939_1720656571_n 1098001_10202253680728472_2086143866_n 1185331_10202253697448890_912301005_n1234392_10202253700968978_1620768720_n 1236704_10202253700728972_722682280_n 1237570_10202253706769123_813117926_n (1)602885_216722505157387_1756201342_n 970399_216722215157416_1603254267_n 971827_216722575157380_753748216_n 1001432_216722568490714_180741535_n 1280865_216722391824065_76564364_n547253_548675461866049_1151744580_n 943303_548676365199292_20709538_n 994358_548677935199135_1032895863_n 1016393_548676885199240_1682298222_n 1185707_548676121865983_1582233214_n1185456_10201991401656156_1745583762_n 1229906_10201991398136068_205811804_n1235974_10201488875677402_436137318_n 1237981_10201488166779680_1320917518_n

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