I love Mercura Sunglasses!

I am so excited! I just came back home from picking up some amazing shades from Mercura Sunglasses.

I loved so many styles and was hard to decide what to wear tomorrow for an event with my kilame shoes at Toshi, Nyc.

So honored to wear them for the night. Last year i did a photoshooting with the ones that Lady Gaga was wering on the cover page of Le Figaro, France and few more.

Cant wait to shoot again with my new shoes collection.

Here some pictures from today, in Chelsea.



20130226_194130 20130226_194249 20130226_194257 20130226_194433 20130226_194726 20130226_195052 20130226_195135 20130226_195326

Last year photoshooting with d-mulsion photography

IMG_0677 IMG_0684 IMG_0905 IMG_0909 IMG_0916

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