LAS “Crazy” VEGAS!

Life is full of surprises,

After a phone call last week i decided to follow my instinct and fly to Las Vegas by myself.

The reason of my trip to Vegas was the Accessories Show “Magic” and some meetings.

Keep following mt dreams…and my shoes!

I had a great time, met amazing people and spent time with my friend Stephanie that was also there for work.

Las Vegas, sooo Crazy! Hahahaha…1 day in Vegas is like travelling around the best places in the world,

from Rome to Paris, Egypt to a mysterious Treasure Island…or a mini New York City!

The fancy Cosmopolitan Hotel with pool parties and crystals decorations.

Enjoy my adventure!



On our way to the Hotel…

Ready for meetings, work and fun!

In Venice…

A new day in…Bellagio, Como Lake!

Love the Fountains Show with music…this was Andrea Boccelli. Con te partiro’.

Inside the Bellagio Hotel

The Cosmopolitan!

Fancy, Crystals and Shining!!!

Let’s Play!!!

Next Destination?…


and if you miss the Big Apple???

here we are…New York New York

Real on in Sugar?

Rome, Cesar Palace…

…and Pool Party at Marquee!

Crazy Vegas!

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