NYC Fashion Runway event!

Last friday i was invited to the event NYC Fashion Runway organized by Davina Reichman and Olga Maria Vargas at
Copacabana, Times Square Terrace Rooftop.
The Designers showing: Scripted Designs by Shay Sutton,

Boho Designs by Sharon Neal & Davis Lawrence and Perfect Population by KL Allen.

The event was also sponsored by My Life Style Magazine

and i vas very happy to see the new issue with a photoshooting

that featured my shoes and dresses by D-mulsion Photography.

I had a very great time and thank you to all the photographers for the nice pictures.

Hope you will like my Kilame outfit!:)


Me and Olga Maria Vargas

Me and Davina

Interview time!

with Aurora Aquino

The photoshooting on My Life Style Magazine

with Elizabeth Ortiz

picture by Totally cool

with Juan Plaza and Elizabeth Ortiz

with Aurora, Juan, Susan and Robert Korwin

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