3 New Sisters in My Life!

I met so many people in New York City and i’ve been very lucky,

but one day at an event at Soho House i met 3 girls, beautiful smiles, shining eyes…we started to talk and they told me that their family was from Rome too and they were in the Beauty Business. Talking for 5 minutes, very fast…you know how events are! Of course we exchanged business cards, but after few days thank you to Olga our mutual friend, we had a meeting together.

They were looking for a new package idea for the fragrance “Huntress” part of their Beauty Line… we were talking and drinking wine in my studio, having fun and sharing positive energy. Here the idea! They have a fragrance…i have shoes… So, why we don’t create a shoe case for the fragrance? a perfect match between Fashion and Beauty!

We were so excited for this idea!!! ” The name will be ” The Huntress Stiletto”!


The following Sunday we did a photo-shooting for this new project and we were planning our first collaboration during my fashion show for NY Fashion Week.

Me, eating sushi for the lunch break! Lol Backstage pics by Dennis Rod.

The photo-shooting of our Huntress Stiletto came out amazing, thank you to D-Mulsion Photography.

Next step: Fashion Week.

We launched the Stiletto and the Fragrance as a package and 3DB did the make up for the models for my Cinderella of New York Fashion Show. Was a great night and our friendship was growing.

The most powerful woman is a woman who is strong, and also has the capacity to be vulnerable and feminine.’ ~Huntress, by Epiphany

3DB Sisters are 3 incredible women with a strong passion for their job,

exactly like me , working hard to realize their dreams and they have a mission in this world.

Check out this video to know about 3DBC.


Im so happy that i met them and im so happy that we are friends.

They believed in me and we collaborate everyday,

My 3 new sisters in my life, one day soon we will go to Rome together!

Love you girls,



One response to “3 New Sisters in My Life!

  1. Pamela,
    We are so grateful to have met you and develop our friendship and partnership. We are rising together in this world and we are thrilled to be alongside a talented, driven and beautiful person like yourself. We WILL be in Roma together. 3DBC Love. xoxo. Laura, Sofia & Debra.

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