The Designer and her Princess!Pamela Quinzi launched KILAME.

May 2nd 2012 Pamela Quinzi launched KILAME.

Kilame is the fashion brand designed by Pamela Quinzi in New York City.
One of a Kind shoes with handmade embroidery and applications. Exclusive accessories and dresses.

Kilame is Pamela’s Pop Princess, her inspiration.
…For many years Pamela was dreaming about her and looking for her. One day when Pamela moved to NYC they finally met each other.
Follow your dreams. Kilame is the proof that if you believe in yourself your dreams can come true!

She lives in her secret world of crystals, playing with her shoes. She sleeps on her dresses inside a cage of dreams. Sometimes during the night she wants to discover a new world, but she needs to be careful. She can hide herself in a big pink tutu’ while she dances in the street. People will look at her trying to understand where this incredible creature came from. She is a magic spell – nobody knows if she is real or not. Maybe she is just a beautiful dream!
The Fashion Dream of Pamela Quinzi.!kilame

4 responses to “The Designer and her Princess!Pamela Quinzi launched KILAME.

  1. I absolutely love it bella!! The ideas & story of ‘Kilame’ are so beautiful & enchanting – like a modern fairytale, it’s just brilliant!! I can’t wait to see how the brand & collections from Kilame develop & all the wonderful, exquisite designs you have in store for us! Congratulations!! xoxo

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