The Cinderella Holidays!

For the first time in my life i didnt spent the holidays and Christmas with my family in Rome,

at the beginning i was a little bit sad about that…and was difficult for me to feel  the Christmas energy around…

but thanks to my boyfriend i had a great time in Washington D.c. and i talk on skype with my family everyday,

we made a beautiful Christmas tree full of decorations and  a funny Santa Clause and we opened a lots of nice presents…

i will not tell you what i received…because its a snowyworld secret!

When we came back in New York…my best friend  from Italy arrived

and we all spent the rest of the holidays together…and an amazing New Year’s Eve.

When you are with the people that you love…no matter where you are and what you do…the important thing is just be together.

Love you guys,


Washington D.c.

New York with my best friends


I love Macy’s

The windows were Unique this year!

Fantastic music and incredible fairy dolls!

New Year’s Eve 2011

Me and my boyfriend before his Jazz Concert at Smalls Jazz Club Nyc

Dinner and Party at La Carbonara Restaurant Nyc

Great italian food and fantastic energy!


My Shoes


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