2011…The Gold Year!



it’s been an incredible year…i can say…my Gold year!

…for all the love of the people around me that support me everyday, for the success of my Shoes…

2 Awards that i won in Italy as Fashion Designer…

the Fashion Shows, New York Fashion Week that I love…

The events, red carpets, interviews,photoshooting,tv shows,magazines,blogs,websites…

Thanks to all the people that believe in me, in my dreams…

this amazing year 2011…is almost over…

I cant wait for the 2012 to come!!!

Love from your Cinderella of New York.


2 responses to “2011…The Gold Year!

  1. Queste scarpe sono bellissime – lo li amo!!!! Congratulazioni per un anno meraviglioso di moda, e buona fortuna per il futuro! baci xxx

    Sorry Pam, I hope my Italian does not have too many mistakes – it has been a few years since I have been in Italy to have a chance to practice speaking Italian! But I really want to say WELL DONE for your fantastic successful year in fashion! I love your blog – your writing, ideas and designs! And very good luck for 2012!!

    Stay stylish, xoxo 🙂

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