Author Pamela Quinzi

Someone once said, “A pair of shoes can change your life”…

This is the story of how a pair of shoes changed my life!

My name is Pamela Quinzi but people call me The Cinderella of New York.

It was July 2009 when Pamela arrived in New York City for vacation: a single, young, Italian girl with a luggage full of dreams. She only spoke one language: Fashion. With a heart full of passion, dreams, and courage, she started the greatest adventure of her life.

Born and raised in Rome, Italy young Pamela dreamt of one day becoming a Fashion Designer. She started designing dresses and shoes enveloped in a princess world from a very young age.

At age fourteen Pamela attends a high school in Rome specializing in fashion, she interned for the oldest Italian couture brands. After getting her high school diploma she attended the Institute Marangoni in Milan to study fashion design. After graduating in 2005, Pamela has designed extensively in the upper echelons of the fashion industry working for Made in Italy brands such as Exte’ and Fiorucci as well as design collaborations with leading luxury lines such as Armani Privé, Dolce e Gabbana and Swarovski.

She was living and working in Milan in 2009 when something unfortunate happened; the big recession arrived. After the economy crashed in America, it was then Europe ‘s turn, including Italy. After that, there was nothing left in Italy to salvage. People lost a lot of money and so there were no more investments to finance the collections that she worked so hard for.

Inspired by a visit from her Canadian cousins Pamela’s next big life-changing decision was to head to Canada to clear her head. It was then that she remembered that New York City wasn’t very far away and so she decided to spend a week of her trip there as well, eager for inspiration. She didn’t know yet that the greatest adventure of her life was about to start.

Canada was indeed inspiring and relaxing but New York City was a show stopper for this young designer. A computer in hand, resume’ ready, Pamela spent the last few days of her vacation looking for a job to get hired and work as a fashion designer in the greatest city in the world. Little did she know, life had even bigger plans to add. Plans which involved a special pair of shoes she playfully embroidered in Milan which would change her life forever.

A random girl, a random question: ‘Where did you buy your shoes from?’ turns into a fashion explosion that creates The Cinderella of New York. Pamela has made a name for herself in the big city over the years. She created and developed her own brand, Kilame, of One of a Kind Shoes and dresses. The uniqueness of her creations, especially her bespoke shoes embellished one at a time by hand in her Chelsea studio with crystals and embroideries, carried a very particular style of sophistication and a touch of elegant sexiness. This made Pamela internationally famous by capturing the attention of Media, Photographers and industry people. Promoting her brand herself and working very hard to introduce her collection to the fashion world, Pamela has single-handedly accomplished many important steps in her career as a Fashion Designer. She went on to being a part of New York Fashion Week to being interviewed by magazines and TV productions worldwide to working with Hollywood celebrities wearing her creations until the day came where a famous actress walked the most prestigious Red Carpet in the world wearing her magical shoes: The Oscars. This was a turning point for Pamela’s life and career. Together with actress Jessica Ross, they took the Red Carpets by storm. By combining their experience in fashion, journalism, acting and public relations, they created a multi-faceted team not only behind the scenes but on camera as well.

Her passion for her brand Kilame, her determination to follow her dreams and her ability to work hard to make her dreams come true are the keys to Pamela Quinzi’s success. Pamela is a resilient spirit who arrived in the United States with no one and nothing, except for a dream. From Italy to New York to Los Angeles to the Oscars, Pamela’s journey is certainly one to behold.

She is a warrior who has won many battles over the years. She is a woman who took her life into her own hands and even though there were terrible times like the unexpected loss of her father, she pushed through. Pamela does not consider her story to be a fairy tale, even though many would say so. No, she believes it is a story about a girl that went through so much in her life and never stopped believing; a girl who worked long and hard and eventually made her vision her reality.

Fast forward to today and Pamela is a businesswoman with an established fashion brand, Kilame, a PR Company, Melapa Fashion Inc. and a web magazine, Wavesandrunways.com.

Pamela Quinzi self-published her first book ‘The Cinderella of New York’ in January 2019, her mission is to inspire others with her story so that they too will follow their dreams and never stop believing in themselves and in their passions.

The book is available on Amazon.

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